Silver Star: Professional, Reliable, Economical, Reputable, Efficient

We started as a moving company in 2006, but eventually one of our clients asked if we could reconfigure existing modular panel systems. We saw this as an opportunity to evolve our business and here we are now offering complete project management consisting of residential moving, commercial moving, storage solutions, space planning and furniture installation (with sales and delivery if needed). We also repair, refurbish and reconfigure any existing office furniture.

Furthermore, our natural progression is leading us to becoming a furniture dealer. Our loyal client base is interested in Steelcase Modular Systems and we are happy to oblige. We at Silver Star feel that by becoming a dealer we would be able to provide the lowest cost to our clients than a third party reseller, thus passing on the savings to our clients. We are also actively promoting the importance of ergonomically sound workspace, which can positively affect employee performance and office environment.

Our philosophy is simple: Doing our job efficiently will help our clients do theirs proficiently.
If we make our customers happy they will be successful in satisfying theirs.